Top 5 Curious Sex Positions

5 Curious Sex Positions You Need To Try With Call Girls of Delhi

Intimacy is an integral part of every human life when comes to making a sexual relationship. Having sex in a single old fashion style just doesn't make sense and it feels very boring now. Now it's time to add some novelty and excitement to intimate moments and your wish to bring some new experiments will be satile by call girls of Delhi city. These matchless exotic ladies are complete professionals and are known for their best hardcore sexual encounters. Call Girls of Delhi are experts in performing any type of sex position with their partner.

Have you ever tried some experimental position during sex with your partner or an escort? No, So below we shared brief information about the top 5 curious sex positions you need to try with your partner or a call girl.

Position 1: The Lotus Blossom

The Lotus Sex

The Lotus Blossom is a position that not only enhances physical intimacy but also promotes emotional connection between partners. It starts through sitting face-to-face, with your legs interlocked and your bodies close together. During this position, the male private part deeply enters in the female private part and both enjoy the height of erotic pleasure similarly.

Position 2: The Reverse Cowgirl with a Twist

The Reverse Cowgirl

For many couples who are willing to try something new in sexual intercourse, The Reverse Cowgirl position is a popular choice for them. In this position, the male partner lies down on the back side and the female partner sits on him and straddles them facing their feet instead of their face just like a horse rider. This position is also called Woman on top or Riding Position. This position allows a deep penetration with the right angle and the female partner can highly enjoy a deeper sexual aroused.

Position 3: The Spider Monkey Position

The Spider Monkey Sex

Are you seeking a most adventurous and tough sex position to have a hardcore encounter then The Spider Monkey is the best for you. In this position, both partners need some upper-body strength and agility. To perform this position, at first one partner lies down and the other one straddles on them, both can wrap their legs around each other waist and arms in the hands parallel to the neck on the ground. This position makes a deep penetration with high intensity. Spider monkey became the favorite sex position for those who want to do something daring and hardcore sex.

Position 4: The Deck Chair Position

The Deck Chair

The Deck Chair position is a unique form of a traditional missionary position in which the female partner is lying on the floor on their back and the male partner comes on their knees over her. After the female partner put their legs on their shoulder and the male partner put her penis on her vagina. At this amazing sex position permits female partners a deep vaginal penetration and helps to easily reach the top level of eroticism with exciting pleasure and intimacy.

Position 5: The Double V Position

The Double V

The Double V position is a very rare form of sex position performed by anyone. It's also known as The Double Decor position. In this very rare sex position, the Male partner lies on the floor on their back and the female partner lies over him as same keeping her vagina over their penis. Both partners support each other body with the help of their elbows or feet. After that, the male partner put her penis on their partner's vagina.

So, Exploring new sex positions during the encounter is good because it brings some new excitement to the intimacy. All over 5 curious sex positions are best to perform with your partner but if you don't have a partner then you can hire a Delhi escort girl to perform all these curious sex positions with them. These professional ladies are good at performing anything you want from them.

So, let's do some experiments in your sex life with all the above curious sex positions with call girls of Delhi.